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Our qualified and experienced service technicians can also service, maintain and repair your existing refrigeration systems, chillers, air conditioning systems, industrial coolers and liquid coolers from various manufacturers.

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Industrial Chiller Application

''Industrial cooling units play an important role in the operation of many
industrial companies. These units increase productivity and reduce
the costs of the companies."

Industrial cooling units are powerful and robust cooling systems used by industrial companies to meet their cooling needs. These units are usually specially designed and manufactured, so their applications are very diverse. Here are some areas where industrial cooling units can be used.

Plastics processing:

Plastic processing plants require industrial cooling units for cooling plastics as well as for injection moulding, extrusion and casting processes.

Food processing:

Food processing plants use industrial refrigeration units for temperature control and to keep food fresh. These plants require chillers for cooling storage areas, liquids and drying processes.

Chemical processing:

Chemical processing plants require industrial refrigeration units for cooling and temperature control of chemicals.

Medical and laboratory applications:

Medical and laboratory applications use devices and equipment that require precise temperature control. Industrial refrigeration units are used to maintain the operating temperatures of these devices and equipment.

Automotive and aerospace industries:

Die Automobil- und Luftfahrtindustrie verwendet verschiedene Materialien in ihren Herstellungsprozessen, die unterschiedliche Temperaturkontrollen erfordern. Industrielle Kühlaggregate werden verwendet, um die Verarbeitungstemperaturen dieser Materialien zu kontrollieren.

Power generation:

Power generation plants require industrial cooling units for water cooling systems as well as for cooling generators.

Printing and packaging industry:

Printing and packaging plants require industrial cooling units to control the temperature of inks and adhesives.

History of Katec Kälte Klima GmbH

The Katec GmbH was founded in 2011 as a sole proprietorship under the name Katec. The company Katec was responsible for the service and trade of chiller units. Now we are proud to have converted the company into a GmbH. With the switch to GmbH, we have changed and expanded our portfolio. We are now a manufacturing company and describe ourselves as a “Manufacturer”. Our production site is located in the rural area of Mühlhausen Ehingen. The product range ranges from chiller units to refrigeration systems, to specially customer-specifically manufactured cold water machines and refrigeration systems of all kinds. With our experienced project managers, we also design your requirements and demands for a refrigeration system.

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