Save energy
and protect the environment

Free-air cooling means that cooling is almost free and requires little or no energy. From a delta t of 4°C, the integrated control switches the valve. Our ER-FCV series freecoolers are plug-and-play systems, so there is no need for any further investment.


Efficient freecooling modules

These coolers are mainly used for cooling liquids such as water, glycol, oils, process media as well as steam. Dry coolers are also used for the recooling of water-cooled refrigeration machines in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology. Let our staff advise you and find out whether this type of cooler is suitable for your company and your products or processes. The chillers are freecooling modules from 200-1000 Kw.

The free cooler is connected in series to the hydraulic system so that the free cooler extracts the heat from the refrigerant before the chiller. This enables bivalent-parallel operation of the liquid cooler. Depending on the climatic situation, the free cooler and/or the chiller are used together or separately. Pre-cooling or main cooling of the cooling medium takes place via the free-air cooler.

The service life of the refrigerating machine is extended by this proportion of the free-cooling time. A serial integration of free cooling into the chiller is hydraulically and control-technically very demanding, as the chiller reacts very sensitively to fluctuating and strongly changing temperatures. Our free-air coolers are specially adapted to chillers. We will be happy to advise you extensively so that you can select the best product for your individual purposes and requirements. Please feel free to call us or send us a message so that we can arrange a consultation appointment with you. We look forward to meeting you!