High-quality refrigeration and air-conditioning systems for the optimum indoor climate

We, the company KATEC Kälte Klima Energie in Mühlhausen – Ehingen, are enthusiastic about air conditioning technology.

Human well-being is a feeling that is very much affected by the weather and environmental conditions. Clean air, a pleasant temperature, adequate humidity and lighting conditions have an enormous influence on well-being, the immune system and the quality of life. With the latest techniques of our innovation and our know-how, we place these variables in a harmonious relationship. We bring you the right climate, when and how you want it.

The air conditioning system serves to generate and maintain a pleasant temperature and humidity, independent of weather, waste heat, human and technical influences. Even smaller air conditioners are capable of cooling and air/air heat pump functions. Even the humidity can be regulated.

Air-conditioning systems create a comfortable temperature of 22 °C in industrial, working and living spaces. Carefree cooling rental package: maintenance, service and repairs included.

MultiSplit air conditioner Diamond

The Diamond wall-mounted unit not only catches the eye with its unusual design, but also with a variety of innovative functions.

Special features at a glance:
3D i-see sensor – The 3D i-see sensor detects the position of people in the room and uses the detected data to direct the air flow in such a way that the people in the room are not affected by the air movements. Energy efficiency thanks to presence detection. WiFi Icon The unit is equipped with an integrated WiFi adapter and can be operated via smartphone, tablet or computer using the MELCloud control software.

Perfect ventilation of the room is the prerequisite for a good indoor climate. Our staff will work with you to determine the best and most effective installation options. Our technicians then install the systems, put them into operation and hand over the air conditioning system to you.