Icm Intelligent Chiller Manager

The name DAIKIN stands for innovation, efficiency and high quality. We are proud to be part of this family as an official contractual partner. The wide product portfolio allows diverse applications. We will be happy to advise and work with you to find the right solution for your needs. Whether as air/water or water/water chillers, we offer you the right solution. DAIKIN as our sales partner, is the right decision.

An innovative tool that provides incomparably detailed information

The Daikin Intelligent Chiller Manager (iCM) is a factory engineered system controller specifically designed to optimize the performance of a group of chillers. The iCM harmonizes the operation of each individual chiller in a plant, making them work as a team and enabling them to reach their goal with minimal effort, both in terms of energy consumption and mechanically. All of this helps to increase the life and efficiency of the chillers, resulting in savings in operation and maintenance costs. Daikin iCM can also be connected to the Daikin cloud monitoring platform Daikin On Site for remote monitoring. Integration into the most common building management systems (BMS) is also possible.